Blessed Beyond Measure

In November of 2005, God led me to participate in a short term mission trip with a dental team to Belize, Central America. I had a lull in activity during a lunch break, and decided to venture upstairs at the hospital to the pediatric ward to see who I might be able to encourage there.

At this hospital all children were in the same ward/room. I scanned quickly around the room and saw six Mayan mammas hovering over their sick infants, distress filling the room. All six women were dressed in the exact same dress, but in different colors – bright colors as was typical of the Mayan culture.

I went to the first woman to my left. She spoke English! Pain filled her face as she told me of her sick little baby girl – “she cough so bad.” I asked her if we could pray together and we did, with her quietly weeping as I prayed. She then proceeded to tell me about her family back in the village and wondered who was taking care of her other children, making sure they were fed and in school every day. She lived many miles from little Punta Gorda Town.

I asked about the other women in the ward…she said none of them spoke English, but just the Ketchi Mayan language. I asked her to walk with me to tell them I would like to pray for their babies. As SOON as this precious mamma started to tell them, they all reached for me in desperation and in tears.

What followed was a gift from God that I will never forget! It was gift I still carry with me to this day. We gathered around the beds of each of these quiet, and still infants. As I prayed out loud in English to my Father in Heaven, so these women also prayed out loud to the same Father in Heaven…but in their Mayan language.

It startled me because I expected them to be silent in thought and prayer as I prayed out loud! What a powerful experience this was, for us all to be praying to the same God Almighty in different voices, but heard and understood all the same. The Holy Spirit was in that room – and no one else on the mission team experienced what I did that day. That was for me to do. That was His assignment for me, on that day, at that hour. They felt blessed…but I can guarantee you I felt like I was the one being blessed beyond measure.

I could not fully describe my experience to the rest of the team. I did not try. It was one of those moments He meant for me alone. All I could say was, “You just had to be there to understand the fullness of what just took place.”
I ask you today. Are you willing to “be there?” Are you asking the Father to use you in ways only He intends, and in ways only He can design? Step out. Look for opportunities. Look for ways to help. I can guarantee you that He will give you little gifts along the way that simply amaze you. All He asks is that you be willing. He will do the rest.

by Lucy Cain

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